Luxury German Handle-less Kitchen, Sleek and Contemporary

Explore the handle-less kitchen solution for an undeniably contemporary look for this family home in Horsley Woodhouse, Derby.

When it comes to contemporary kitchens, we’ve got it covered. With various styles on display at our purpose-built showroom in Derby, our client visited us to gain some inspiration and discuss their luxury kitchen design brief.

Looking for a chic, sleek and contemporary design for their family home, the handle-less kitchen style was an obvious choice to bring their dream to life.

If you’re looking for contemporary, handle-less reigns. Sleek, chic and fashionably minimalist, it looks exquisite, particularly where open plan living features in a home.

The sleek continuous lines glide effortlessly across walls of units to produce a remarkably clean and spacious feel to the style – a design prerequisite for any contemporary kitchen brief.

While style is the principal factor of a handle-less kitchen, there are many further benefits to consider. Hygiene and cleanliness is enhanced through the absence of handles. This means reduced fixtures for grime to gather and reduced fixtures for dusting.

Integrated eye-level appliances were included within the tall house bank offer a more ergonomic and safe design, preventing you from having to stoop to lift out dishes.

The finishing touch for this space was the addition of personality. Our client’s favourite colour was injected throughout the design more specifically, a seamless glass splashback back, décor within a feature bookshelf through to the insides of the pendant lights above the stylish breakfast bar; adding an accent of colour to this family kitchen.

Meticulously installed by our team of expert craftsmen, this contemporary handle-less design demonstrates how you can inject personality into your kitchen whilst employing key design trends. The effect is both stylish and personal.

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